Sunday, October 23, 2011

Editor's letter

Dear awesome teenage guy who is willing to learn more about health,
This publication was made just for you.  It talks about how to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy.  Also, it contains some important information on other topics that you might find helpful now or sometime in the future. 
Many people think that health is just about our physical body: not getting sick, working out, etc.  However, health is much more than that.  Let me introduce to you the six components of health. 

Physical health is about your body.  It includes eating, drinking (And I don’t mean alcohol!) exercising, sleeping and much more.  All these factors come together to give you the healthy or unhealthy body that you own.  Physically healthy means that you are disease free, somewhat fit, you eat your veggies and you listen to mom when she tells you to take your vitamins! 

Environmental Health is about the place that you live.  Most of you teenagers have no choice of where you live or what environment you are in.  Environmental health is equally important to physical health and all the other aspects health!  For instance, if you live in a neighborhood that is next to a power plant that keeps giving off pollution from its smokestacks, then your physical health will be affected.  You will not be breathing good quality air and this can be detrimental your physical health.  Your lungs will be affected when you breathe in the small suspended respirable particles. 
Mental health is the state of your mind.  How you deal and cope with your daily life is mostly what mental health is about.  If you experience a lot of stress during weekdays due to homework, extra-curriculars, piano lessons, and the upcoming tests and don’t freak out and you have everything under control, then you are mentally healthy.  However, if you have experienced some sort of trauma in your life, and you have an irrational fear of something, then you have what is called a phobia.  In this case, you need to face your fears and try to not let your health be affected by it. 

Emotional health is tied closely with mental health.  Emotional health is when you don’t commit suicide when you didn’t pass a test and when your girlfriend just dumped you and when you parents start yelling at you once you get home for letting the dog do his business on the couch(YUCK!).  You can deal with emotions like fustration, sadness, and anger in a less deadly manner and not get completely sucked in by them and get overwhelmed.

Social health has a lot to do with (surprise, surprise!) relationships.  How close you are to your family and friends and how much you talk to them and spend time with them is all part of being socially healthy.  When you are socially healthy, ou have people you trust and can talk to and have a good relationship with. 

Spiritual health can affect your emotional health.  When you have an awesome relationship with God and you know that He is there for you always, then you can usually overcome your unpleasant emotions.  You are living God’s way of life and you are reflecting Jesus in what you say and do.  When you are spiritually healthy, you are usually very close to God and live by his moral standards.

All these aspects of health work together to give you a happy and healthy life.  If you have one of your aspects of health “sick”, it usually causes a chain reaction and affects the other aspects of health.  For example, you live (environment) in an area where an epidemic has hit.  You then get sick and so, you are physically unhealthy.  However, that can affect your emotions as well, say, you think of yourself as a loser for getting sick and when you get yourself to think this, it can affect your mental health.  Your social health can go bad because you aren’t interacting with your friends.  Then you might not trust God as much and your relationship with Him deteriorates which makes your spiritual health decline.  In order to have a healthy you, all these aspects must be healthy! =D

Your awesome editor